Qualifications for Executive Board Service

Requirements for Service

  • Any regular member in good standing shall be eligible for nomination, election, and service on the Executive Board, with the exception of the President-Elect position. Any individual regular member in good standing who has served a minimum of one year on the Executive Board shall be eligible for nomination and election as President-Elect and service in the three-year Presidential term.
  • No Executive Board member may serve concurrently as an Affiliate Representative on the Advisory Board.
  • No two offices on the Executive Board may be held by the same person, except in the event of appointment due to office vacancy.
  • No full term may be repeated consecutively by the same person.
  • Verification at time of service, primary professional role will be executed in Texas.

Recommended Qualifications and Characteristics

When evaluating nominated candidates for the STAT Executive Board, the STAT Nominating Committee looks for candidates who possess or demonstrate the following qualifications and characteristics. The Nominating Committee also works to ensure that the Executive Board reflects the educator population of Texas in terms of geographic diversity as well as role in education (e.g., classroom teacher, curriculum director, etc.). 

Professional and Volunteer Experience

  • Demonstrated commitment to furthering science education in Texas
  • Demonstrated success in delivering science content to students and/or science educators
  • Demonstrated desire to stay up-to-date on cutting-edge scientific developments as well as classroom techniques
  • Experience in other volunteer leadership roles

STAT Experience

  • Length of tenure as a STAT member 
  • Demonstrated leadership commitment and involvement with STAT, including:
    • Leadership with an Affiliate group
    • Ability to develop high-quality relationships
    • Previous STAT volunteer roles

Personal Characteristics

  • Personable and easy to approach; accessible to members
  • Ability to think strategically about STAT and the science education community
  • Values and promotes consensus, cooperation, and participation among all Board members 
  • Skilled in multi-dimensional thinking and problem analysis
  • Capacity to use knowledge for decision-making that benefits the overall organization
  • Visionary and strategic thinker
  • Holds stature in the science education community and can articulate and represent the science education profession
  • Has an appreciation for and understanding of diversity
  • Understands STAT staff resources and budget constraints

Board Diversity

  • Diverse in age, gender, ethnicity, geographic representation, etc.
  • Broad representation of district sizes represented
  • Broad representation of interest categories represented on Executive Committee
  • Diverse special interests/expertise


  • Support from employer and colleagues regarding the time and financial commitment required for Board service
  • Actively participate as Board liaison to assigned committees
  • Expected to attend Board meetings and the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST) as well as selected other educational programs and/or activities and participate in leadership calls