STAT Advisory Board

The STAT Advisory Board facilitates communication between the Science Teachers Association of Texas and specialized interest groups within the science education community.

The Advisory Board meets at least twice a year and consists of the STAT Executive Board and representatives from STAT’s Affiliate organizations. The Advisory Board supports STAT’s working committees, considers efforts to promote science education and makes recommendations to the Executive Board.

2020-2021 STAT Advisory Board

Executive Board Members

Affiliate Representatives

Kara Swindell, President


Jamie Flint, ACT2

Linda Schaake, Past President


Danielle Bradley, ISEA

Jennifer Meyer, President-Elect


Kayla Pearce, TABT

Gianna Lopez Colson, Treasurer


Kiki Corry, TAEE

Matthew Cushing, Secretary


Allison Burney, TCES

Charles Zemanek III, Member-at-Large


Kathryn Barclay, TESTA

Christina Hotchkin, Member-at-Large


Rhianna O'Rand, TSAAPT

Leslie Harvey, Member-at-Large


Jason Baughman, TSELA

Kenric Davies, Member-at-Large