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The Science TEKS Review and Revision is in process -- and as your professional association, STAT will keep you informed and help you engage with the process.

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10.15.2020 - Update on the Science TEKS Review Process

The SBOE is scheduled to consider the proposed new TEKS for high school science for second reading and final adoption at its November 2020 meeting. The proposed new TEKS are available for review, and TEA is currently receiving public comment (see below for more information).

At the September 2020 State Board of Education (SBOE) meeting, the SBOE approved for first reading and filing authorization the first draft proposed new Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for the following high school science courses: Biology, Chemistry, Integrated Physics and Chemistry (IPC) and Physics.

To review the proposed revisions to Biology, Chemistry, IPC and Physics, click here:

Proposed New 19 TAC Chapter 112, Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science, Subchapter C, High School; §§112.41, Implementation of Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills for Science, High School, Adopted 2020§§112.42, Biology (One Credit), Adopted 2020; §§112.43, Chemistry (One Credit), Adopted 2020; §§112.44, Integrated Physics and Chemistry (One Credit), Adopted 2020; and §§112.45, Physics (One Credit), Adopted 2020

The public is invited to comment on the proposed new TEKS for high school science during the official public comment period, which is now open through November 13, 2020. Educators and stakeholders are encouraged to submit public comments as early as possible. Public comments will be shared with SBOE members and their content advisors each week. Specific, actionable feedback submitted early in the 30-day timeframe provides SBOE members with more information and time to consider comments.

When submitting a comment, please be sure to include the course name(s), the number of the knowledge and skill statement and the letter of student expectation, if applicable (for example, Chemistry, 13.C).

Public comments may be provided here: 

Send a Public Comment on Proposed New 19 TAC §§112.41-112.45

Broadly, STAT continues to support the most recent version of the proposed new TEKS for high school science and appreciates the thoughtful approach by the Work Groups, Content Advisors, TEA staff and the SBOE. STAT has consistently recommended throughout the revision process that the Work Groups apply and access current research as outlined in the K-12 Framework, embed Science & Engineering Practices into the TEKS and ensure vertical/horizontal alignment is achieved. These goals are reflected in the proposed TEKS.

9.10.2020 - Update on the Science TEKS Review Process

The final recommendations for revisions to the high school science TEKS (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, IPC) and the K-12 scientific and engineering practices were distributed to the public and science stakeholders in August. These documents are posted on the TEA Science TEKS Review web page.

The State Board of Education is meeting this week (September 8-11), and this set of TEKS is currently being considered on First Reading. On Tuesday, September 8, STAT President Kara Swindell, Lubbock ISD, and President-elect Jennifer Meyer, Leander ISD, provided testimony on behalf of the more than 5,000 STAT members.

STAT testimony was based on our written feedback submitted to the SBOE and to TEA and was in support of the general direction of this recommended TEKS presented by Work Group B. So far, all that STAT has directly advocated for (using current research as outlined in the K-12 Framework, embedding Science & Engineering Practices and vertical/horizontal alignment) is happening, which is great for Texas teachers and students.

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STAT’s goal is to serve as the comprehensive leader in the general process and to be a resource for the SBOE and TEA. We will continue to organize and encourage specific content experts and Affiliate organizations to provide specific feedback in the disciplines being addressed, as appropriate. In this spirit, STAT Affiliates are working in coordination with STAT to review this most recent round of documents and provide feedback, where appropriate. In short, we are all working together to ensure that the power of the science community/voice is expressed where there is overlap. 

Regarding Science TEKS, this is what we can expect this week and beyond:

  • At this September SBOE meeting (September 8-11), only the TEKS for the big four types of science HS courses will be considered on First Reading: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IPC.
  • At the November SBOE meeting, the same four courses will be considered on Second Reading; and
  • We should expect a second public hearing at the November board meeting on these same four HS courses.
  • Other high school science courses outside of the big four will be considered at the January SBOE meeting.
  • It should be noted that this is all the science planned to be discussed for the remainder of the year. Since there will be several new members added to the Board, they want them to be able to participate in the other levels of science TEKS and courses.  

6.22.2020 - Update on the Science TEKS Review Process

The Science TEKS Review & Revision process was suspended and delayed in March by the impact of COVID-19 on Texas schools, communities and TEA. In recent weeks, Work Group B has been convened, and the process has begun again. Work Group B is focused on high school courses and is currently meeting to create a draft for SBOE review. STAT representatives connected with TEA officials to get an update on the process.

We are pleased to report that STAT goals are continuing to be considered and implemented, as evidenced in the following Q & A with TEA. STAT is grateful for the collaborative nature of this process with stakeholders and Agency staff, guided by the thoughtful leadership from the members of the SBOE.

Read the Full Q&A with TEA

3.5.2020 - Update on the Science TEKS Review Process

The State Board of Education’s Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) review process calls for multiple, separate work groups. Science TEKS Review Work Group A was convened in February 2020. The work group identified key areas and recurring topics from feedback collected related to the TEKS review process, including SBOE guidance to work groups, content advisor consensus recommendations, and the results of the Science TEKS Review Survey. The work group’s recommendations have been posted on the Science TEKS Review Work Group Drafts web page.

Feedback on work group drafts will be accepted throughout the review and revision process for the science TEKS. Comments on drafts will help to inform future work groups' recommendations.

When providing specific comments and recommendations for a work group, please identify the work group in the subject line of the email. For example, in the subject line, please indicate "Science TEKS Review Work Group A Feedback." Please submit comments to TEA at [email protected]

2.7.2020 - STAT is thrilled to report a major success in the Texas science community, which is directly the result of efforts by STAT, the Texas Science Education Leadership Association (TSELA), and the Metroplex Area Science Supervisors (MASS). At the January 31 State Board of Education (SBOE) meeting, the board provided guidance to TEA staff and the science TEKS review work groups as they began work on recommendations to revise the science TEKS. Staff was instructed to provide the science work groups with A Framework for K-12 Science Education to be used as a resource to inform recommendations for revisions to the science TEKS.  

This is an exciting step in a positive direction. STAT would like to thank the SBOE for their support of great science teaching and learning and their willingness to engage with stakeholders who collectively brought this forward for consideration.

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1.31.2020 - The State Board of Education (SBOE) approved the following resolution that will introduce a STAT supported resource to the Science TEKS Revision process. 

RESOLUTION: That the State Board of Education: Direct the staff to provide the science TEKS work groups with “A Framework for K-12 Science Education” as a resource to inform recommendations for the revision of the science TEKS. 

One goal identified by STAT, as well as science organizations including TSELA and MASS, is that current research is available to guide the TEKS revision.  All agree that this can best be accomplished by accessing A Framework for K-12 Science Education as a resource in the process. This is an exciting step in a positive direction and STAT would like to thank the SBOE for the willingness to engage with stakeholders and support great science teaching and learning.

1.28.2020 - Science TEKS Review Content Advisor Recommendations 

As part of the State Board of Education’s (SBOE) review and revision of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS), board members appoint content advisors to provide feedback throughout the process. A list of the SBOE-appointed science TEKS review content advisors can be found on the Science TEKS Review Content Advisors web page.

Content advisors are asked to review the current TEKS and make recommendations for changes. After completing their initial reviews, the content advisors met for a face-to-face meeting in January 2020 to develop consensus recommendations. Consensus recommendations are a shared statement that identify specific issues or objectives that content advisors agree should be addressed during the review and revision of the TEKS. 

The content advisor initial and consensus recommendations are posted on the Science TEKS Review Content Advisor Review web page.

1.28.2020 - Science TEKS Review Work Group Application

The SBOE’s TEKS review and revision process calls for multiple, separate work groups to make recommendations to the SBOE for revisions to the current standards. SBOE members nominate individuals, including educators, parents, business and industry representatives, and employers, to serve on TEKS review work groups.

The SBOE is still accepting applications for science TEKS review work groups. Applications received will be submitted to SBOE members for review throughout the process. Individuals selected will be asked to serve on one or more work groups. The TEKS review work groups will convene in Austin for a minimum of one face-to-face meeting. Additional meetings may be conducted via webinar.

To access the application and for more information regarding the science TEKS review, please visit the Science TEKS Review webpage at

Questions regarding the application or TEKS review process may be sent via email to [email protected].

1.3.20 - Science TEKS Review Survey - As part of the SBOE's review process, TEA is surveying educators regarding their opinions about the current Science TEKS. The results of the survey will inform the recommendations of the science TEKS review work groups. To provide feedback, please submit the Science TEKS Review Survey available here.

12.16.19 - As required by your Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills review process, Texas Higher Education Commissioner Harrison Keller has appointed two science content advisors to help with your update of the science standards. He has appointed Dr. Janice A. Fischer and Dr. Catherine H. Howard. Dr. Fischer is a professor of molecular biosciences and director of the biology instructional office at The University of Texas at Austin. Dr. Howard is dean of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and distance learning, as well as a professor of chemistry and biology, at Texarkana College. These appointees will work with your science content advisors.

12.16.19 - As of December 4, more than 80 people have already applied to serve on the science work groups. As a reminder, the SBOE is also still accepting applications for health education, physical education, and English Language Proficiency Standards. Refer to anyone who is interested in serving on the work groups to this application.