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Building Community and Inspiring Discovery Since 1957

For more than 60 years, STAT has worked to build a vibrant community of science educators in Texas. As a member of STAT, you'll enjoy access to a variety of professional resources and benefits, including:

  • Access to presentation handouts from the Conference for the Advancement of Science Teaching (CAST)
  • Opportunities to apply for CAST attendee scholarships
  • Opportunities to apply for prestigious STAT statewide awards recognizing excellence in science education
  • Publications and news alerts on Texas science education
  • Advocacy before the State Board of Education and the Texas Legislature on science education issues

Most of all, you'll be joining a community of likeminded educators united by a passion for seeing and explaining the world through a scientific lens.

STAT offers two membership categories:

  • Our Regular membership ($30 annual dues) is for those educators who are still working in the field of science education, whether in a Pre-K through 12 setting as a classroom teacher or administrator, in a university environment or in an informal science setting.
  • Our Retired/Student Teacher membership ($10 annual dues) is for those educators who have retired from the classroom/active employment or for pre-service teachers.
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