STAT Responds as SBOE Prepares to Vote on Textbook Adoption

The State Board of Education (SBOE) is set to approve instructional materials and resources to support the new science TEKS this week. The Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT) leadership is concerned about the SBOE actions taken earlier this week that preliminarily rejected many instructional materials and resources that were reviewed and vetted by both by the TEA process and the Texas Resource Review (TRR). Rejection of these vetted items could make it difficult to for Texas schools, teachers, and students to meet the learning objectives in the new TEKS.

Prior to the final vote, scheduled for 9:00 a.m. Friday morning, STAT is asking the SBOE to consider the following points:

  1. The TEKS were approved via a thoughtful process and should drive the content in instructional materials. Texas educators and industry representatives collaborated extensively to craft the TEKS for K–12 science and to ensure that instructional materials were shaped solely around these standards. Multiple review processes were implemented, including the SBOE’s own Texas Resource Review rubrics. To reject materials that have been vetted through these comprehensive processes potentially risks the fidelity of the thoughtfully established science TEKS.

  2. Impact on small districts, teachers, and students in the classroom. The limitations imposed on material approvals could disrupt school processes, creating stress for teachers and districts as they navigate these constraints and review options. Decisions restricting textbook choices in Texas will hinder science education on critical topics, potentially depriving students of essential scientific knowledge.

  3. Loss of influence with instructional materials from publishers not included on the approved list. There is valid concern that rejecting Texas-tailored science materials may discourage future investment in state-specific products. This will result in fewer resources aligned specifically to Texas and the utilization of classroom materials that align more closely with standards set by other states.

If you choose to advocate via email or phone call to your SBOE and legislative representative(s), please do so before Friday's final vote at 9:00 a.m. Feel free to use or modify the provided points, using respectful language to ensure effective communication. Find your representatives' contact information here.

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