Update on the Science TEKS Review Process

The final recommendations for revisions to the high school science TEKS (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, IPC) and the K-12 scientific and engineering practices were distributed to the public and science stakeholders in August. These documents are posted on the TEA Science TEKS Review webpage.

The State Board of Education is meeting this week (September 8-11), and this set of TEKS is currently being considered on First Reading. On Tuesday, September 8, STAT President Kara Swindell, Lubbock ISD, and President-elect Jennifer Meyer, Leander ISD, provided testimony on behalf of the more than 5,000 STAT members.

STAT testimony was based on our written feedback submitted to the SBOE and to TEA and was in support of the general direction of this recommended TEKS presented by Work Group B. So far, all that STAT has directly advocated for (using current research as outlined in the K-12 Framework, embedding Science & Engineering Practices and vertical/horizontal alignment) is happening, which is great for Texas teachers and students.

Review STAT Feedback
Review Key Science Concepts

STAT’s goal is to serve as the comprehensive leader in the general process and to be a resource for the SBOE and TEA. We will continue to organize and encourage specific content experts and Affiliate organizations to provide specific feedback in the disciplines being addressed, as appropriate. In this spirit, STAT Affiliates are working in coordination with STAT to review this most recent round of documents and provide feedback, where appropriate. In short, we are all working together to ensure that the power of the science community/voice is expressed where there is overlap. 

Regarding Science TEKS, this is what we can expect this week and beyond:

  • At this September SBOE meeting (September 8-11), only the TEKS for the big four types of science HS courses will be considered on First Reading: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, IPC.
  • At the November SBOE meeting, the same four courses will be considered on Second Reading; and
  • We should expect a second public hearing at the November board meeting on these same four HS courses.
  • Other high school science courses outside of the big four will be considered at the January SBOE meeting.
  • It should be noted that this is all the science planned to be discussed for the remainder of the year. Since there will be several new members added to the Board, they want them to be able to participate in the other levels of science TEKS and courses.  
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