Science TEKS 2019–2020 Revision

About the Revision Process

The Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT) connects science educators of all grade levels and disciplines and collectively serves as an important voice for Texas science education. STAT members believe that science helps students understand the world, and STAT is committed to maintaining the highest levels of science education in Texas schools.

As you know, streamlined Science TEKS were implemented in classrooms for the 2018-19 school year. The next full rewrite of the Science TEKS is scheduled to begin during the 2019-20 school year, subject to legislative approval and funding. The proposed scheduled provided by TEA is noted below:

  • Science TEKS reviewed – 2019-20 school year
  • Revised TEKS adopted ­– 2020-21 school year
  • Instructional materials adopted – 2021-22 school year
  • Revised TEKS and instructional materials implemented – 2022-23 school year

Learn more about the TEKS Review process here.

STAT TEKS Revision Survey

In order to serve as a resource to policymakers, STAT collected feedback on the current Science TEKS from our members during Winter 2019. STAT will compile the feedback and actively engage with the Texas Education Agency and State Board of Education throughout the rewrite process. TEA will offer opportunities for public comment and stakeholders such as STAT to provide feedback, and our feedback will be informed by the information you provide on this survey.