STAT Guide to the Science TEKS Review Process

The Science Teachers Association of Texas (STAT) connects science educators of all grade levels and disciplines and collectively serves as an important voice for Texas science education. STAT members work every day to inspire discovery of the world through science, and STAT is committed to maintaining the highest levels of science education in Texas schools.

The Science TEKS Review and Revision is in process—and as your professional association, STAT will keep you informed and help you engage with the process.

The STAT Board has adopted association goals related specifically to the TEKS Review and Revision process (available here). These goals are aligned with the interests of related science associations in an effort to speak with one voice. We are pleased to report that initial recommendations made in the process support the STAT goals, including the use of A Framework for K–12 Science Education as a resource to inform recommendations for revisions to the science TEKS.

Science TEKS Educator Committees have begun meeting and will be formed throughout the process. There will be separate, multiple work groups formed and talented science educators are needed. The SBOE will continue accepting applications to serve on these work groups. Click on the bright red box below to learn more and apply to serve.

Let STAT know you've applied and are interested in engaging with the process! In the case that STAT is called upon to make recommendations, we want to know which of our members have applied. We also want to be able to call upon individuals to provide feedback, as needed. Help us know who you are by completing the dark green box and Let STAT Hear from YOU!

Science TEKS Snapshot

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STAT and its affiliate groups are positioned to serve as a resource to the SBOE and TEA, as well as our membership, throughout this process. The Agency welcomes our association's participation and input in this process, and STAT will be ready to partner with leadership to ensure the Texas Science TEKS revision results in outstanding outcomes for students.

Learn more about these items and all things related to the Science TEKS Review and Revision by exploring the links above. As new information becomes available, we'll update this page and the links with current news and calls to action.