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Proposals Terms and Conditions
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CAST Proposals Terms and Conditions

Workshops & Short Courses

  • You and your co-presenter(s) must register and pay for the full conference at  Registration for CAST 2014 will open in August.  Accepted presenters will receive special t-shirts and ribbons.
  • CAST will provide screens in all rooms and microphones in rooms with a capacity of over 50.  Presenters will need to provide all other equipment for their sessions including projectors and purchasing internet access. If you would like to rent equipment for your presentation please mark the box on your proposal and our Audiovisual Company will contact you directly.
  • Presenters must check in when they arrive at the conference.  Presenter check-in will be located in Exhibit Hall A3 of the George R Brown Convention Center.
  • Presenter names will be published online and in the printed program as a presenter of CAST 2014. Co-presenters will be listed online, but not in the printed program.
  • Registrants are counting on attending the programs they see listed online and in the printed CAST program.  Therefore, no presentations may be canceled after September 20, 2014, except for extenuating circumstances. Cancelation after the deadline may result in the presenter’s proposals not being considered for future CAST conferences.  Cancelations will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis by the local committee.
  • We recommend each presenter bring a room monitor with them to help ensure the room does not become too full and help to clear the room after the sessions for the next presenter (requires 15 minutes before the session and 5 minutes after your session). You may have one of your co-presenters act as your room monitor.
  • A presentation that promotes a product in which the presenter has a financial interest - or is representing a company which has a financial interest - is not allowed unless they purchase an exhibit booth or pay a fee in lieu.
  • Presenters must read and adhere to STAT’s safety policy:
  • Workshops Only: Workshops are free for teachers to attend.  CAST will pay for the room rental, including setup of the tables and chairs.  CAST will not pay for additional room setups or presenter supplies unless expressly agreed in writing.
  • Short Courses Only: Short courses are optional events that require registration and presenters may charge a fee. The presenter will be reimbursed for the total cost per registrant as requested in their proposal application.  According to CAST policy, short course presenters must not make a profit from their presentation and the requested fees should cover the cost of supplies only.  The local committee has the right to question the fees requested on a short course proposal.
  • To determine the total cost a registrant will pay for a short course, a $10 administrative fee will be added to all Short Courses.  This administrative fee is charged by STAT and paid by the attendee to assist in covering room rental fees.  STAT will no longer offer free short courses due to the amount of attendee no shows.

Field Trips

  • The person writing the proposal for the field trip must be riding on the bus with the participants.  If they cannot ride with attendees, they must provide someone that will ride on the bus, assist the bus driver with directions, and check off the names of registrants who have attended.
  • Field trip presenters riding with the attendees must check-in onsite. If accepted, you will receive additional details on where and when to check-in onsite. Checking in onsite is mandatory in order to receive your registration list.
  • Requested cost of the field trip must be for entrance fees and supplies only.  The field trip must not make a profit.  The local committee has the right to question the fees requested on a field trip proposal.
  • STAT will include the cost of boxed lunches on full-day field trips, only if lunch will not be provided by the presenter.  Each field trip will also have a $10 administrative fee to cover online registration fees.  STAT will also determine the transportation fees if a bus is not provided by the presenter.
  • Registrants are counting on attending the programs they have signed up for and paid to attend.  Therefore, no field trips may be canceled after October 1, 2014, except for extenuating circumstances.  Please understand that STAT reserves buses for field trips and is beholden to the bus company after this date.  If you cancel after October 1 you will be liable for the transportation fees.
  • If your field trip has too low of a registration count, STAT reserves the right to cancel it before October 1, 2014.  We will reimburse all fees to attendees.
  • Field trips do not have to be applicable to the TEKS, but field trips that emphasize them may be given higher priority. Field trips to cultural destinations rather than those specific to science education will be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

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